Regular cleaning should be done in our house, especially when we have kids at home. The constant opening and closing of the door and open windows is actually an entrance for the dirt.  Also, when the shoes were brought inside the house instead of removing it outside will definitely make the house dirty, especially if you have a carpeted floor. So, to help you out in cleaning your carpet, here are some of the tips from the Irvine carpet cleaning.

The carpet cleaning technique from the expert

Cleaning should be religious, especially if you have a carpeted floor because naturally, the carpet can absorb almost every dirt that comes inside the house. Once the carpet is left unclean, it can gather smell which can be harmful to the whole family, because we will never know what microbes that is being developed in it. To help you out in preventing possible illnesses that you and your family might acquire, you can do the following simple cleaning tips.

  • Regularly vacuum the carpet. The recommended vacuum session is 1 to 2 times a day to make sure that the solid dirt will be removed from the surface of the carpet. Some expert even recommended as often as you can, especially whenever you spill some food on it.
  • Wipe any spilled liquid. Accident happens always, especially when we have kids at home. Once there is some liquid like milk or juice that is being spilled in the carpet, you have to wipe and clean it right away before it can gather microbes.

Use mild soap in cleaning the carpet

Most of the time we think that strong chemical cleaning soap is better compared to the mild one because of its component. However, an expert suggests to use a mild soap to clean the carpet so that it will not damage the strand of the carpet, and it is safe for kids too.